About Us

Good Words delivers strategy, management, and implementation for our clients’ technical writing needs. Our concise and accurate writing skills streamline complex communications for some of the most technically sophisticated organizations in the world, from Fortune 500 companies to 5-person startups. Our services create the backbone of your customers’ success, therefore maximizing your bottom line.
Meet the Team
Our leadership team’s diverse backgrounds and commitment to our values set Good Words apart.

CEO and Founder

Caity launched Good Words in 2017 after building her own career as a technical writer in enterprise, startup, and freelance environments. Born and raised in rural Indiana, Caity is passionate about leveraging her personal and professional experience to uplift others; she empowers her staff with meaningful career opportunities no matter where they live and advocates for increased labor and wage protections for freelance workers. In addition to her experience in the field, Caity holds a degree in Technical Writing and Communication from Carnegie Mellon University.

Chief Operations Officer

Lauren thrives at the intersection of people and process, something she has done in roles across industries, from media to tech. In her operations role at Good Words, she values equal parts compassion and keeping it real to ensure the well-being of the team and the success of the business. Lauren creates efficient systems and supportive communities that allow Good Words and the people who sustain it to grow.

Director of Consulting Services

Colleen manages the consultant and client relationships at Good Words. Her satisfaction comes from coaching employees to help them reach their career goals and providing project guidance to achieve an optimal customer outcome. She is also passionate about sharing her experience to improve and streamline business and system processes to positively impact the employee and customer journey. A continuous learner, Colleen’s diverse career has included roles in finance, training, technical writing, and instructional design.
Our Values
We don’t just produce great content. We uphold a strong code of shared values in our relationships with our clients, employees, and the communities where we live and work.

We make decisions that are ethical and just for every person in our organization. We promote equality and equity within our organization and without.

We strive to be the most skilled, professional, and competent service provider in our industry. We make a commitment to do the most thorough, precise, and exemplary work we can in any situation.

We believe that everyone does their best work under different circumstances. We strive to create a flexible work environment where everyone feels empowered to work where, when, and in the ways that are most effective for them as individuals. We empower our employees to take on new challenges, find opportunities that excite and interest them, and learn new skills to improve their craft, all while respecting their individual work-life boundaries.

We make business decisions that are sustainable in the long term for the health and wellbeing of our workers and the financial and operational health of the business.

We believe that we provide the best services in our industry because of the people we hire. We believe in supporting the mental, physical, emotional, and family health of everyone we work with. We believe everyone works best when they are healthy, rested, and able to be their authentic selves.

We are honest about the work we do, how we do it, and how much it costs. We are honest in our feedback to our colleagues, clients, and each other. Our honesty is straightforward and without malice. We believe everyone does their best work when they have access to true and equal information.

We believe that where a person lives must not limit the opportunities that are available to them, and we believe it’s unethical to deny opportunities for career growth, education, and wealth based on a person’s address. We believe that people work better when they can live and thrive in their own communities, and that those communities benefit when their citizens have access to rewarding and lucrative careers, wherever that may be. We believe that hiring talented people from diverse places makes our work better.