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At Good Words, we specialize in industry-leading technical writing, customized content strategy, and specialized staff augmentation. Our services help you streamline the most complex technical concepts.

Technical Writing and Documentation

Clear and concise technical documentation improves your operations for your team and your customers. Our team of expert technical writers works closely with your engineers and product teams to seamlessly fold technical writing into the development process. Whether you need software documentation, hardware specifications, UX writing, or anything in between, our team makes it happen.
When you work with Good Words, you get technical writing that:

API and Developer Documentation

Great API documentation helps internal and external developers implement, integrate, and optimize your APIs across systems. API documentation helps you scale as an API-first organization. Our API and developer-documentation writers integrate seamlessly with your technical teams to unburden your engineers.
When you work with Good Words, you get API documentation that:

Technical Content Marketing

Technical content marketing increases your credibility with technical customers and sets you apart as a thought-leader in your industry. Our technical marketing specialists produce everything from technical white papers and engaging blog posts to website text and impactful social media content.
When you work with Good Words, you’ll get content marketing consultants that:

Technical Content Strategy and Management

At Good Words, our specialists evaluate your content needs based on your goals, then act as independent project managers to create a customized content strategy, tool recommendations, and maintenance plans. We provide end-to-end content solutions for documentation strategy and management, from evaluation to implementation to ongoing support.
When you work with Good Words, you get content strategy consultants that:

Writing Staff Augmentation

Great API documentation helps internal and external developers implement, integrate, and optimize your APIs across systems. API documentation helps you scale as an API-first organization. Our API and developer-documentation writers integrate seamlessly with your technical teams to unburden your engineers.
At Good Words, we have several ways to support the growth of your internal writing goals. Our streamlined hiring process reduces the time to hire writers for full-time or contract roles to offer rapid onboarding and hiring support for enterprise organizations.
When you work with Good Words, you get writing staff augmentation that:
Who We Work With
We work in the most technically sophisticated industries in the world, and have proven track records working with industry-leading enterprise companies, midsize companies, and visionary startups alike.
Startups and Small Businesses
You are an emerging, early-stage organization, startup, or venture-backed company. You’re focused on growth, and your resources and investments are dedicated to engineering, product development, and customer acquisition.
New organizations have a few common challenges:
Our team can help by supporting your full range of writing needs, from guidance to strategic recommendations for launch materials, website text, technical marketing materials, and basic customer experience documentation. The benefits? Improved customer acquisition, onboarding, retention, support processes, and SOC 2 compliance for fundraising and IPO.
Midsize Companies
You are a midsize company with a growing employee and customer base, often working to secure more series funding and ultimately IPO.
As companies gain traction and begin to accelerate rapidly, a lack of documentation puts a drag on growth:
Working with Good Words can free your developers from the burden of documentation. Our team will manage your documentation strategy, documentation creation, tools, and delivery. We’ll alleviate stalled processes, put things in order to smooth growth, and keep your support costs low.
Large Companies
You’re a large organization. At this size, your top-tier talent may be tasked with providing documentation. This competes with their ability to focus on product development, release cycles, and innovation. The cost of this decision hits the bottom line directly, slowing down growth and weighing down top performers.
Good Words provides the expertise and teams needed to handle organizational documentation strategy. We’ll create a centralized, consistent documentation strategy that is accessible by all necessary users. Then, we’ll work side-by-side with your engineering and product teams to streamline documentation integration, distribution, and maintenance. This frees up your top-tier talent to do what they do best.
Enterprise Companies
You’re an enterprise organization impacting millions of users. The quality of those interactions affect large segments of society. Appropriate documentation is now vital to supporting customer allegiance, providing visibility to innovation, and aiding in managing compliance and regulatory requirements.
We understand that at this size, you need a partner that understands your level of technical work and can integrate seamlessly with internal resources. Good Words has the extensive technical background you need, and we can work with both external and proprietary documentation tools. We can provide and position multiple consultants to work across teams or provide additional resources as an extension of your internal documentation and development ecosystem.

Our Services

We communicate complex,
specialized information to any audience.
How We Work
Unlike other firms that provide technical writing services, Good Words doesn’t just stop at writing, we understand the uniqueness of each company and the solutions you provide which is why we take the strategy, planning, and implementation seriously. Nothing is too technical for Good Words. From tool selection to building out documentation processes and systems, we have the uncanny ability to handle the most complex scenarios. We do more than just write. We quickly become an embedded member of your team partnering with you to increase client satisfaction and engagement.
Our concise and accurate writing skills and ongoing strategic plans streamline even the most complex communications for some of the most technically sophisticated companies across industries, from Fortune 500 companies to 5-person startups.

Technical writing

Clear and concise technical documentation is a valuable commodity. Well-written documentation can improve your user’s experience, reduce calls to your support center, and help differentiate your products or services from the competition.

At Good Words, we take pride in creating best-in-class technical documentation. We work closely with your team, always with a customer-focused approach to deliver clear, concise, accurate, and easy-to-understand content. Our customer-focused approach helps users solve problems on their own and effectively leverage products in ways that improve their overall experience.

Our experts know where and how technical writing fits into the software development process, working closely with product owners, project managers, and software engineers to create effective, use case-driven deliverables.

At Good Words, our technical writing consultants plan, write, and deliver:

  • User guides and technical documentation
  • Effective online help and in-app user assistance
  • API and developer documentation
  • Documentation best practices training

Good Words’ technical writing consultants add value at any stage of your project, from proofreading and editing existing documentation, to creating your company’s first documentation implementation.

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Technical Content Strategy

Are your marketing and documentation materials working for you and your customers? You might have the greatest product in the marketplace—but if your customers don’t understand it, you’re going to get beat by the competition.

Good Words’ business- and tech-savvy consultants create thoughtful, sustainable content strategies for marketing or technical content. We help you plan, write, and maintain marketing content and documentation that keeps your customers coming back for more.

At Good Words, our content strategy consultants:

  • Evaluate your existing content to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Create and maintain corporate style guides to establish your organization’s editorial guidelines, voice, and tone
  • Create comprehensive plans to write, maintain, deliver, and align content across channels, including documentation and marketing
  • Help you select and implement content tools and systems

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UX Writing

When a customer is browsing your website or mobile app, the last thing they want is to take a detour to your help center. And you don’t want that either, because if they leave your site, there’s a good chance they’re not coming back. To increase conversion rates and improve the user experience, you’ve got to keep your customers focused and engaged with clear, effective text.

Words are the glue of a good design. They shape the user experience as much as the sketched diagrams and wireframes. The mission of a UX writer is to make sure the UI experience is engaging, easy to understand, and dare we say, enjoyable, all within a limited space.

At Good Words, our UX writing consultants:

  • Integrate your company’s brand and voice into your website, products, and apps
  • Create useful, concise, and meaningful text to keep your users focused and engaged
  • Apply precision, consistency, and clarity to your UI text
  • Write effective in-app help and error messages to reduce support cases

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Content marketing increases brand awareness, expands your customer base, attracts attention and generates leads, and increases your online presence and sales. With smart and consistent storytelling, good content marketing engenders likability and trust. Strategic content can separate your business from the competition.

In a world where content is king, content marketing is a king maker.

At Good Words, our content marketing consultants:

  • Assess your existing marketing content and identify gaps
  • Edit existing content to optimize impact
  • Plan, write, and deliver new content to increase customer engagement

Whether it be technical white papers, catchy and engaging blog posts, website text, or impactful social media flashes, Good Words can help your content rule.

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Videos are a powerful, influential, and effective communication tool. Recent surveys reveal 84% of consumers were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video, and including a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by more than 80%.

In addition to boosting your bottom line, videos are a great way to help customers help themselves. People retain 95% of a message from video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

At Good Words, our video production consultants:

  • Write effective video scripts
  • Record, produce, and publish your marketing and instructional videos
  • Create step-by-step self-service videos to reduce support cases and costs
  • Integrate instructional and marketing videos into your overall content strategy

Contact us today about your video production needs.

At Good Words, we’re experts at helping startups write, launch, and maintain marketing and documentation content. To succeed in the scrappy, fast-paced startup world, you need to be lean, efficient, and communicate clearly about your products and services. That’s not easy—but that’s where we come in.

Your expertise is developing best-in-class products and services. Our expertise is marketing and technical communications. You know how to develop best-in-class products and services. We know how to create the marketing and technical content to support them.

We understand that content goals can vary. A “one size fits all” approach won’t work. Good Words offers a variety of service plans that address your startup’s unique needs, stage, and budget.

At Good Words, we offer both marketing and documentation service plans for:

  • Editing your existing content and improving voice and tone
  • Overhauling your existing content or creating new content pieces from scratch
  • Building technical documentation or marketing content systems from the ground up
  • Maintaining and supporting your content over time

Contact us today about the service plan you’re interested in.